DIY Your Spring Photo Shoot

DIY Your Spring Photo Shoot

With all of us forced to practice social distancing, and non-essential businesses (like me!) closed until April 30th in my state, most likely we will all be spending Easter at home. Families will attend virtual church services and special meals will be made. Hopefully we can get creative on ways to connect with our family members too. With Easter coming and Bluebonnets blooming, chances are you will try to attempt some Spring photos of your kids at some point in the next month. So, I thought I would offer up some helpful tips to take your own spring pictures. These are some basic principles of photography that anyone with any camera can apply. 


The most import aspect of photography! Use your light source to light the face.
  • Outside
    • Avoid the bright harsh sun. 
    • Look for even shade or try to get outside during the golden hour. (about 6:30 to 7:30pm in Texas right now)
  • Inside 
    • Use a window and face everyone toward it.
I often put the sun behind my subject, but depending on your skill and camera your image may get too hazy or dark for your liking. 

Here, I used the sunset to light the face. This is super easy to do with a camera phone. 

Inside natural window light is always beautiful. Big sliding glass doors or windows are great for this. 


  • Change your angle. Coming down to your child's level changes the whole mood of an image, as if you enter their world. 
This is also just a big window to the right.


  • Pay attention to your background.
  • Look for depth instead of a flat background to stand against.
Here I used this tree to frame the family & the walkway for the beautiful depth.

Capture Candid Moments

  • Don't just ask everyone to smile.
  • Use prompts to get everyone having fun. The smiles will come naturally. 
    • Here are some ideas! 
      • have a race
      • funny faces
      • tickle fight
      • family fashion show
      • egg hunt

Hope you make and capture some great memories this spring! 

Please share your results with me and stay safe & healthy!